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ライター:山内 恵美子
The Summer 2015 Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection magazine is our annual Christmas issue full of projects to make the holiday season bright!

It also includes a couple Halloween designs, our Winter Bell Pull and the last two Snow Friends in our afghan series (snowflake patterns coming in the next issue). Check out these delightful designs:

Countdown to Christmas 2015 continues with another trio of unique banded ornaments--"Santa & Tree," "Mrs. Claus," and "Jingle Bells." (approx 25w x 35h Stitches each)

Holly Jolly Christmas Towels (a pair of Nancy towels with red stripes will wish your guests a "Holly Jolly" "Christmas") (148w x 35h Stitches each)

Be Merry (a smiling snowman and jolly Santa inspire you to "B-E M-E-R-R-Y"--the snowman and Santa would make great ornaments as well) (166w x 101h Stitches)

Neon Happy Halloween (a trio of ghosts circle a collection of scary words stitched in bright neon colors sure to frighten and delight) (92w x 120h Stitches)

Happy Hootin' Halloween (this striking owl silhouette is displayed as a stand up) (85w x 56h Stitches)

Christmas Cabin Ornaments (celebrate Christmas in the backwoods with Moose, Bear, Tree, Owl and Cabin ornaments) (45w x 45h Stitches each)

Merry Christmas Santa (a classic Santa silhouette trims trees among the words "Merry Christmas") (180w x 110h Stitches)
Christmas Choo Choo (Children's Corner: this easy-to-stitch Choo Choo is bringing gifts for good little boys and girls) (40w x 39h Stitches)

Peace Snowmen with Birds (a pair of snowmen trimming a tree shadow the interlocking letters of P-E-A-C-E where a pair of cardinals and chickadees also perch) (166w x 124h Stitches)

Gingerbread Joy Bookmark (this delightful gingerbread man will make a pleasant companion for your holiday reading--stitched on a 14ct white Aida bookmark with Christmas trim) (27w x 98h Stitches)

Holly Express (Easy on the Eyes: a snowman invites you aboard his reindeer-drawn sleigh) (115w x 60h Stitches)

Christmas Goose (a plump goose is a sign of prosperity and generosity--may you be inspired to bless others from your abundance this holiday season) (101w x 95h Stitches)

Snow Friends Collector's series (the final two more snowmen blocks for this series --stitched on a 14ct Lady Elizabeth afghan. The final snowflake patterns for this series will be published in Autumn 2015) (approx 85w x 83h Stitches each)

Joy Silhouette (this white on crystal dwarf blue fabric design shimmers with iridescent threads, Crystal Treasures, glitter buttons and JOY) (85w x 85h Stitches)

Victorian Father Christmas Stocking (our cover design featuring our annual Christmas stocking highlights an exquisite Victorian Father Christmas--stitched on 28ct opalescent white Lugana that sparkles like snow) (152w x 235h Stitches)

Noel - Noel (this rich design welcomes the birth of the King of Israel, Jesus Christ) (125w x 89h Stitches together)

Winter Bell Pull (this bell pull continues a seasonal series of bell pulls--all stitched on 18ct white Anne cloth bell pulls and "Winter" is displayed on a pinecone split fabric holder) (six blocks each 82w x 82h Stitches)